sábado, 2 de julio de 2011


In those moments, i feel like the prey,
you are my hunter, ready to attack,
the time is always our ally in the feast
the hours spent give us the orgasm.

Extasy, exciting movements bring me peace,
extasy, you sexy face bring me release,
like the lion and the zebra under the sun
the last seconds of the hunting bring them relax.

Sweating like wild, read orgasm the colour,
of the faces we see each other, our bodies quiet remains
until i break the moment with a move that is strong,
inside of me, hot, humid, sensible you stay.

it's like a fire that runs wild from bottom to head,
burning me like hazard leaving no cremains,
a lightning bolt chocking my veins, my heart
the climx is now gone, that seconds, to the heaven lead.

-La Dama de los Cuervos-
17-05-2011 (13:41h.)

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